Gemstones can be divided into two groups - natural and synthetic.


As the name implies, natural gemstones have originated from nature without a human helping hand. They may be harvested from the sea, like coral or pearls, or mined from the earth, like diamonds and peridots, which are formed deep below the earth’s surface.

Whereas, synthetic gems are grown in a laboratory and are grown under controlled circumstances.


Synthetics generally are brighter, without the ‘impurities’ of gems formed from nature. They are also cheaper. But synthetics, as you can guess, have a generic perfectionism, and lack the rare brilliance and beauty of natural gemstones.

Aubrey gemstones are transformed by a skilled gemcutter from their rough natural, organic form into geometrically precise prisms so that each facet allineate, suitable for making jewellery.

Aubrey selects gemstones that possess the brilliance and beauty that only a natural gemstone has and whenever possible we use untreated gemstones, but if the type of gemstone necessities some form of treatment to improve the clarity and enhance the appearance, it will be stated.

Now that you know a few basic things about gemstones, you may be thinking what can I expect from Aubrey? You can expect natural gemstones because, and we are sure you will agree, nothing comes close the beauty and uniqueness of natural gemstones.

With a present-day attitude towards jewellery design, Aubrey jewellery is distinguished by our company’s meticulous attention to detail.  Gemstones are sourced from around the world and we only partner with companies who uphold the social responsibility of maintaining ethically sourced and conflict-free gemstones and diamonds. Many gemstones come from Burma, Colombia, Zambia, Ceylon and Kashmir.