Melanie Martin, 2024

Throughout history there has been a fascination with the beauty of gemstones and their potent properties. The Ancient Egyptians believed emeralds heightened feelings of passion, romance, and love. The Romans believed diamonds were splinters of falling stars, and they dedicated emeralds to Venus the Goddess of Love. While the beauty of a sunset and a flower is temporal, a gemstone is everlasting.

AUBREY’s design ethos is to honour this beauty, to create jewellery that transports you beyond the realms of the ordinary. We understand the unique significance fine jewellery plays in our lives as markers of milestones and precious heirlooms to be passed down through generations.

AUBREY provides a fresh perspective on timeless jewellery design. Over the past four years our company has established a reputation for high-end design, quality, and service. Recently, we entered the exciting world of bridal jewellery, and we happily accept bespoke commissions for special pieces.

Quality and integrity are the cornerstones of our company. Meticulously crafted in India, we partner with the finest makers of high-end jewellery. Our artisans have perfected their skills over generations. As a company, we uphold the social responsibility of maintaining ethically sourced conflict-free diamonds and gemstones.

AUBREY founder Melanie Martin has a background in design, working across multiple platforms including fashion and interiors for many years. "Our salon is a vibrant environment which reflects the colourful world we create". The salon is located in the heart of Noosa Heads where you are invited to visit, browse our collections, or discuss working on a bespoke piece.

The salon is open Wednesday through Friday 10.00 to 4.00pm.