Natural VS CVD Diamonds

Natural, as the name suggests, are diamonds that are formed deep below the earth’s surface, they are miracles of nature. They are extremely durable; they don’t scratch or damage. A beautiful diamond ring is something you will always have, an heirloom to be passed down through generations.

We understand the ethical queries you may have. We only partner with companies who uphold the social responsibility of maintaining ethically sourced conflict-free diamonds. In a broader context, The Kimberley Process, (established in 2003 by the United Nations) was set up to stamp out the trade of conflict diamonds. This initiative is the beginning of more ethical practices.

AUBREY initially only sold natural diamonds. Our opinion had changed based on the quality of synthetic diamonds that are available. One of the more recent developments in lab techniques is CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) diamonds. The process for growing a diamond mimics nature, they are composed of pure crystalline carbon. CVD diamonds are atomically identical to mined diamonds, giving the appearance of a natural diamond, the only real difference between a natural or lab diamond is how they came into being. Because CVD diamonds are less costly to produce, they are not as expensive as natural diamonds and can offer a stunning alternative.

However, as the market is now flooded with diamond stimulants our focus returns to natural diamonds, crafting jewellery that holds its value through generations.

AUBREY offers GIA and IGI certification. All our jewellery is hallmarked, which is added certification of quality and, each jewel is crafted by our makers with generations of experience.

AUBREY jewellery is designed with forever in mind.